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Fall Foliage Fix: Just in time in Hudson Valley

The last few days have been a whirlwind. Highlights included touring the Rockefeller estate, a must-see if you're in the area. Not only do you get a crash course in 20th century American history, there's also the impressive modern art collection, porcelain from the Ming, Tang, and other Chinese dynasties, and in the former barn, a collection of buggies on one side and classic cars on the other. Enjoy photos of the grounds--no photos allowed inside.

My events were so much fun! At Shaylula on Main St. in Tarrytown, see Colleen selling the very real necklace that fictional Victoria bought. But don't worry, there's lots left for the rest of you real people, so pop in and do some Christmas shopping. At Bella's Boutique, the signing went well, and then I had to buy an adorable Christmas gnome and some other ornaments, another must-see in Tarrytown.

Signed copies of my books are available at Bella's Boutique on Broadway and Transom Books on Main.

See you later, Tarrytown, my home away from home!

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