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Never make a major life change in the midst of emotional turmoil.

Cassie Romano learns this the hard way, leaving sunny San Diego for a teaching position in upstate New York, after a painful break up left her heart broken and in need of a change.

Now she's stranded on top of a mountain in the dead of winter when a fellow teacher dies in a tragic accident. 

Or was it?

"Traymore masterfully created a sinister, atmospheric setting that perfectly suited the plot."

Five Stars, Readers' Favorite


Bonnie Traymore,


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About the Author


About the Author

Bonnie Traymore is an award-winning author of three recent mystery/thriller novels. She writes suspenseful page-turner novels that are on the lighter side of the thriller genre, with occasional splashes of romance and humor. The plots explore difficult subjects such as revenge, jealousy, infidelity, assault, murder, psychological disorders, and the complexities of human behavior, so they aren't exactly cozy either.


She is also an accomplished non-fiction writer, historian, and educator with a doctorate in United States History. She has taught at top independent schools in Honolulu, Silicon Valley, and New York City, and she has taught history courses at Columbia University and the University of Hawaii. Originally from the New York City area, she resides in Honolulu with her husband but frequents the Hudson Valley and New York City areas. 


What readers are saying about Killer Motives:

 "A page turner," "really a hard book to put down, "kept me on the edge until the last page."

What reviewers are saying about Little Loose Ends:

"Traymore’s suspenseful mystery novel, the second in a series, pits one stalker against another. . . The novel reads like a primer on tangled webs, and Traymore is clearly having fun with it. A well-plotted mystery to curl up with." – Kirkus Reviews, Recommended Review

What readers are saying about The Stepfamily:

★★★★★ Reviewed by Alma Boucher for Readers' Favorite

"The Stepfamily by Bonnie Traymore is a psychological page-turner set in Silicon Valley. 
If you want a psychological thriller with drama, secrets, suspense, and more, then The Stepfamily is a must-read. The plot is complex, intriguing, and thrilling, and I could not put the book down until I found out who wanted to harm Laura."

★★★★★ "Heart pounding thriller that left me on the edge of my seat. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. Definitely one of the best books this year." - NetGalley Reviewer

★★★★★  "Awesome thriller! - Amazon Customer 



Recommended by Kirkus

The Stepfamily

A tech-startup VP suspects that someone is trying to kill her in Traymore's thriller.
Traymore, most recently the author of Little Loose Ends (2022), provides readers a sympathetic hero in Laura, who tends to bury her feelings; with the kids grown and out of the house, she'd dearly love to move from the house that Peter shared with his ex-wife. The chapters alternate between her first-person perspective and third-person narration of Peter's side of things. Dueling perspectives, à la Gillian Flynn's bestselling Gone Girl (2012), might have ratcheted up the suspense a bit more, but that would have required an immediate explanation of an anonymous email sent to Peter: "I know what you did. I won't tell anyone." However, Traymore deftly handles revelations and twists throughout. A deliberately paced mystery that always stays one step ahead of its readers.

--Kirkus Reviews

Little Loose Ends

Traymore’s suspenseful mystery novel, the second in a series, pits one stalker against another.

 Another strong element is that everyone—even the good guys—harbors secrets. It began with Nick’s infidelity and is echoed in the flirtation between Victoria and Randy. And those are just a few examples. For the very best reasons (she tells herself), Victoria is playing it close to the vest, while Nick finally admits that he was not totally truthful about certain details, even after he confessed to the infidelity. There is even a grace note of deception, as it were: Victoria may have been the result of her mother’s early-on extramarital dalliance. The novel reads like a primer on tangled webs, and Traymore is clearly having fun with it. A well-plotted mystery to curl up with.

---Kirkus Reviews

Killer Motives:

A homicide investigation throws a married couple’s relationship into question in Traymore’s debut mystery. 

In Sleepy Hollow, New York, Victoria and Nick Mancusio are a wealthy couple who’ve been married for 10 years, recently not so happily. The quiet, affluent neighborhood is rocked when newcomer Angie Hansen is found dead in her new home. It’s quickly revealed that Nick was the realtor who sold her the house and that the two were engaged in an affair. Det. Jack Stark and his partner, Det. Lexi Sanchez, begin to gather potential suspects; was the murderer a jilted wife, a possessive lover, a stalker, or someone seeking revenge? Gossip, distrust, and paranoia spread through the town, and Victoria and Nick choose to take matters into their own hands to clear their names, culminating in an emotional finale.

---Kirkus Reviews


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